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Danita recently co-edited a collection on teaching writing. Her essays and fiction have appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. 

Creative Composition: Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction


Co-edited with Lori A. May. This book brings together contemporary authors and well-respected creative writing instructors and theorists to explore ways creativity in composition may be encouraged in student writers. The question in this anthology is not 'Can writing be taught?' but 'How can we inspire students to embrace the creative process no matter what they write?'

Shifts: An Anthology of Women's Growth Through Change


Through short stories, essays, and poems, 35 women from different age groups, geographic locations, marital status, parenting status, professions, and sexual orientations share their experiences of growth as a result of change. This inspirational book highlights the strength of women as their life shifts ultimately lead to increased confidence and internal peace.


Danita's contribution: "It Is Not Flesh and Blood, But the Heart"

Other Orlandos: An Anthology 


Orlando is… a power plant in Johannesburg, an epic poem, a celebrity mask used as a marital aid. In this anthology of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, Orlando is anything but the Florida city so often associated with theme parks. In Other Orlandos, the city’s writers twist a familiar word into new contexts and connotations. Edited by Leslie Salas.


Danita's contribution: "Orlando, Bloom"

Press Pause Moments: Essays about Life Transitions by Women Writers


Life is about change... As human beings we're always changing, growing, transforming and transitioning our lives...but whether it is our circumstances that lead us to take a new path or a desire to pursue a goal or dream, as women we learn that we have the power to choose who we want to be, what we want to do, and what kind of life we want to lead. These words introduce Press Pause Moments: Essays about Life Transitions by Women Writers, a collection of beautifully crafted tales by 36 women writers reflecting upon change, adversity and celebration. The essays covering a diverse range of topics such as marriage, divorce, widowhood, parenthood, infertility, sexuality, surviving abuse, facing a medical crisis, moving a home, changing careers, and obtaining a degree are written by women who have celebrated, mourned, taken control and transformed through the transitions of their lives.


Danita's contribution: "Tadpoles"

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